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How we can help each other

  • Our contacts might be helpful: Are you interested in

    • Contacts to researchers working on cultured meat? Here we have a list which we could send you on demand.
    • Contacts to existing small and bigger companies producing and selling vegetarian meats, non-dairy milk drinks and egg replacements? Then please visit our specific pages on this website, and scroll down to the link-lists at the end of the pages!
    • The opportunity to circulate your innovative ideas throughout the vegetarian and animal welfare movement worldwide?
    • Funding? If you have a particularly interesting project, we might be able to help, as we have funding contacts, too.

  • With this website we want to pass on information about the huge market potential, the challenges, the opportunities and the current developments to each of the relevant areas.

  • We are happy to organise food tasting events for you to try existing vegetarian meat products and other animal-free foods so that you can get an impression of their pros and cons. At present, the production of vegetarian meat is small scale and regional, and the products are overpriced. What we are missing is worldwide production on a massive scale in order to compete in terms of price and quality with animal derived foodstuffs – a gap in the market for you?
    The same applies to egg replacement products for industrial backing. What is missing here are economical, hygienic, animal-free products that offer the same characteristics of eggs without the undesirable aspects associated with existing egg production.

  • We ask you to think seriously about investing in the future technology of cultured meat!

  • Media campaigns are planned for the future, at present we are compiling our media contacts list.

  • Also of interest: You can find studies of consumer acceptance of meat replacements at the end of our page here.

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