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Non-Dairy Milk Drinks


Non-dairy alternatives to dairy milk and dairy products

A great deal has happened in this area over the last years. Soya milk drinks and products made from soya milk are available in nearly every supermarket in all industrialised countries. In many supermarkets it is also possible to buy rice or oat milk drinks as well. These products vary in their quality and especially in how they taste. The main thing that stands in the way of soya drinks becoming a staple food is certainly the fact that they are not as well known as dairy milk, but also because they cost more. Concerning the price, it is important to note that in many countries dairy milk is cheaper because of a lower rate of turnover tax placed on the product. In addition, it is common practice for diary farmers to receive public money in the form of subsidies which obviously gives them a huge advantage.
There is, of course, nowadays a wide range of yoghurts, desserts, creams, sauces, cheeses and even ice-cream made from soya.

In brief: What is stopping non-dairy products from storming the market ?

There are products which can compete with cows’ milk in terms of price, and, there are also products which taste exceptionally good. But, there is still no product which manages to fulfil both demands at once; to be as cheap as cows’ milk and to taste even better. Such an animal-free product accompanied by the right marketing would have the potential to achieve a breakthrough in the dairy-product sector!

Besides the many great alternatives to dairy products that are listed below, there are also very interesting new approaches. The "Not Company" in Chile goes totally new ways by using Guiseppe, which they call the smartest food scientist on earth. Giuseppe is not a person, but an artificial intelligence model that studies the perception of foods by humans. He replicates the taste, texture and even smell of animal-based products by copying their molecular structure. Guiseppe uses plant based ingredients for his foods and also improves their nutritional values and decreases their ecological impacts.


Remarkable intermediate products for the production of non-dairy milk drinks:
Suproplus 9000 and 9040 - soy-based proteins as dairy alternatives (Solae)
Nutrisoy whole bean powder - soy milks, frozen desserts, yogurts,... (ADM)
AlgaVia/TerraVia - protein-rich whole algae for dressings, snacks, beverages,...

Highly remarkable non-dairy milk products:
Alpro - a market leader in Europe, full range of soymilk products
Cheezly / Redwood - cheese (UK)
Daiya - Cheese from tapioca and/or arrowroot flours (CAN, US)
Isola Bio - remarkable rice, oat and soy based milk alternatives (from Italy)
Joya (Austria) - soymilk and yogurts
Kite Hill - nut based yogurt-, cheese-alternatives, etc. (USA)
Lupinesse - lupine based icecream (Germany)
Oatly - oat milk products
Provamel - a market leader in Europa using organic ingredients
Savia (Danone, Spanish Version) - soya pudding and soya yogurt
Sojade - remarkable dairy free yogurt (French website)
Soyana (Swiss) - various non-dairy drinks
Tofutti - huge range of dairy free products (based in the US)
Turtle Mountain - US dairy free yogurts, ice-cream and much more
Valsoia - huge range of non-dairy products (based in Italy)
Wilmersburger - plant based cheese alternatives (based in Germany)

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